Discovery Theater Comes to You!

We are continuing to pilot our residency program which is specialized for preK and Kindergarten students and teachers.  This program was designed for and developed in DCPS classrooms and is now available for everyone!  You’ll get a theater performance, playlabs in your classroom after the show, and a Teacher Debrief.   For more information about our residencies, please CLICK HERE for a fact sheet.

Touring Performances:
Each year, Discovery Theater offers multiple performances on tour that can come to your school.  These are great for school-wide assemblies, family nights, or a Kids Day Out program.  Shows on tour for this school year are listed below.   To book a show or check availability, please contact Artivate 301-588-7525 or online at  


Fábulas Fairy Tales (Hispanic Heritage Month)
Available Tour Dates: October 10-19, 2017
Recommended for Kindergarten-2nd Grade  

Three’s the charm in the newest version of this interactive Discovery Theater original.  Start with three bears, three pigs, three little kittens, and three billy goats gruff.  Add two languages, and what do you get?  The perfect combination for a fresh and fun introduction to Spanish, literacy through storytelling, math, music, and more—and a fábulas new take on a quartet of familiar stories.  New this year: Join the kittens on their search to find their essential outdoor accessory—their beloved mittens!


African Roots/Latino Soul  (Hispanic Heritage Month)
Available Tour Dates: October 10-19, 2017

Recommended for 1st-6th Grades   

How many cultures can we be? This vibrant play explores what it means to be Latino, African American, and proud, growing up in the heart of the American melting pot. The story of Celia Cruz, the warmth of mama’s kitchen, and the bustle of city life all play parts in a show that demonstrates that the pulse of the music is the heart of the people. Written with the Young Playwrights' Theater, this is a story of the triumphs of today’smulticultural kids.

**PLEASE NOTE**  You can book Fabulas Fairy Tales (for your younger students) and African Roots/Latino Soul (for your older students) on the SAME DAY for the back-to-back fee of $900.  We just need 30 minutes between shows to re-set!


Black Diamond  (Black History Month)
Available Tour Dates: February 1-14, 2018
Recommended for Kindergarten-6th Grade

Score a home run with a spirit-rousing musical play about the “other” major league! This updated hit from nationally recognized arts leader Michael Bobbitt and tunesmith John Cornelius chronicles the struggles and triumphs of pioneering African American baseball players. The all-star lineup of heroes includes Moses “Fleet” Walker, who became the game’s first black pro in the 1880s; Andrew “Rube” Foster, hailed as the father of black baseball; power hitter Josh “Spitfire” Gibson; athlete-philosopher Satchel Paige; and young Jackie Robinson, who first integrated the major leagues. You’ll stand up and cheer for the players who made sports history—and American history, too!


How Old is a Hero?  (Black History Month)
Available Tour Dates: February 15, 2018-March 2, 2018
Recommended for Kindergarten-6th Grade

Discovery Theater's original touring production introduces us to young heroes—and calls to join them in changing the world. Meet Ernest Green of the Little Rock Nine, the first student to graduate from an integrated high school; Claudette Colvin, the 15-year-old who refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama, bus (nine months before Rosa Parks); and Ruby Bridges, who won equal rights before she could read. Moving archival musical recordings accent these scenes of struggle and hope.

Mother Earth and Me
  (Celebrate Earth Day)
Available Tour Dates: April 16-25, 2018
Recommended for Kindergarten-5th Grade

The magic of earth science takes center stage in this fun, interactive Discovery Theater original as we explore the origins of our planet, the water cycle, and our important role in protecting the ecosystem, as well as folklore about the “big blue marble” we call home. Kick off Earth Month by pledging to become an Earth Warrior—and find out some great ways to start right away!


Time Capsule in a Milkcan: A Holocaust Remembrance
Available Tour Dates: year-round, please contact Discovery Theater to inquire (
Recommended for Children, 5th Grade and up or adult programs/events

In 1939, when the world began to close in around the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto, Emanuel Ringelblum began a secret archive. As the horror mounted over the next five years, he and a valiant group of citizens risked their lives to chronicle it all. The writings they collected, along with diaries, ration cards, artworks, and artifacts from residents of the ghetto were buried in three milk cans and a few metal boxes. In a multimedia production enhanced by archival elements, Marc Spiegel portrays Ringelblum as we share in the precious and powerful legacy held in one of the cans: the stories of vanished lives eloquently told in the words of the people who lived them.  CLICK HERE for an Educational Learning Guide.

Please Note: We are not touring any other performances at this time.