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Updates & Current Operating Status

Due to COVID-19 cases back on the rise and local restrictions and CDC guidelines continuing to evolve, we will not be offering any in-person performances for the remainder of 2021. We are still carefully considering our options to offer safe, in-person theatre experiences for school groups in 2022 and hope to have some more information on that later this year. We will also continue to explore way to connect with you virtually.

The best way to stay up to date is by connecting with us via social media or through our website. Please check back with us in November when we hope to have some more information about an on-demand version of Seasons of Light.

To view our other shows that will be available to come to your school this year, please visit: https://discoverytheater.org/touring-shows/.

For information on Smithsonian museums that have reopened, please visit: https://www.si.edu/visit.

Teachers & Parents! Discovery Theater is your source for live performances that celebrate the rich diversity of our region and our world. Each season we tap into the vast resources of the Smithsonian Institution to present relevant, culturally accurate entertaining programs. Bring your young people to Discovery Theater to experience heritage, science and culture in a memorable way.


Generous support for Discovery Theater is provided by:

  • The Nora Roberts Foundation
  • Philip L. Graham Fund
  • Smithsonian Women's Committee
  • Smithsonian Youth Access Grants Program
  • Sommer Endowment