Individual Tickets:
$6.00-$7.00 Members
$7.00-$8.00 Children
$8.00-$9.00 Adults
$3.00 Children under 2

Group Tickets:
School Year
$6.00 Children & Adults*
$7.00 for Seasons of Light
$3.00 Children 2 and under
*1 free adult for every 20 children

Summer Season
$7.00 Children & Adults*
$3.00 Children under 2
*1 free adult for every 20 children

Beatboxing with Max
Tues., July 30–Fri., Aug 2 at 10:30 a.m. and Noon
Ripley Center, Smithsonian
Ages 5–16

Fábulas Fairy TalesMax picks up the mic to make some crazy-good mouth music—and wants everyone to join in! This astounding human beatbox introduces kids to the most powerful musical instrument ever: their own body. With lots of audience participation and exciting on-the-spot improvisations, Max covers themes in hip-hop culture, language, math, and music. Get ready to make some truly hip beats!

About Max Bent:
Max Bent started beatboxing at the age of eight, imitating with his mouth what he heard on the radio. Since then, Max’s love for the beat has taken him on many exciting journeys. His experience as a teacher has helped him transition into his work as a teaching artist. Max has 22 years of experience and has performed widely in both the real and virtual world. He provided musical accompaniment for the Bethesda Dance Festival and was a featured beat boxer on Verizon's beat box mixer. He organized the 2003 DC Beat Box Expo and released a beat box themed DVD. Max is currently developing a beat boxing program for middle school and high school students in Baltimore, MD. For more information, please visit him online at

Resources for Educators:
Show Program

Check out this video from Max at Discovery Theater in 2016