Individual Tickets:
$6.00-$7.00 Members
$7.00-$8.00 Children
$8.00-$9.00 Adults
$3.00 Children under 2

Group Tickets:
School Year
$6.00 Children & Adults*
$7.00 for Seasons of Light
$3.00 Children 2 and under
*1 free adult for every 20 children

Summer Season
$7.00 Children & Adults*
$3.00 Children under 2
*1 free adult for every 20 children

Out of this World: The Science of Space
Tues–Fri., Jul 16–19 at 10:30 a.m. and Noon
Added Performances: Jul 16 and Jul 19 at 1:30 p.m.
Ripley Center, Smithsonian
Ages 5–12

Fábulas Fairy TalesLive demonstrations, fun factoids, and space stuff with the Science Guys of Baltimore!  Join us on a mission to investigate the physics and chemistry that govern the rotation and orbit of planets, how astronauts live in space, and power the spacecraft that hurtle among the stars.

About the Science Guys:
Keith Trehy started Mr. Bond and the Science Guys in 1999, in Nashville, TN.  He was trained as a Chemist, but was a new Dad, and he wanted to be able to combine both of his worlds.  So he brought hands-on, interactive, and engaging science education into schools all over TN.  His daughter, Siena, went to college in Baltimore at Goucher College.  During her time at Goucher, she began doing science birthday parties and other small weekend events, creating her small versions of the Science Guys. It wasn’t until her Senior year of college, 2017, that she began the Science Guys of Baltimore with Matt Simms.  Now, the Science Guys offer events year round, including Summer Camps, Birthday Parties, After-School Clubs, In-School Workshops and Assemblies, and special event Shows. 

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