Science of Spring
Available for School Assemblies: Weekdays, April 4-9, 2022 and April 19-26, 2022

TBA: in-house performances at Discovery Theater (check back in January for dates)

TBA: Digital, filmed version for rent (check back in April for details)
Recommended for Ages 5-12 (K to Grade 5)

Fábulas Fairy TalesSpring heralds the dawn of the natural “new year” when the earth blossoms with rebirth, regeneration, and growth. Our timeless link to the planet is in the spotlight in an interactive Discovery Theater original that explores the traditional folk wisdom and the modern earth science that explains the greening of the year. From the myth of Persephone’s return to the seeds sprouting in our garden, this delightful look at spring’s bounty of life offers wonderful opportunities for learning and fun.

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